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Professional and reliable translation 

Orange-Trans Translation Services 
is based in  Turkey and is with its professional
and reliable translation service for customers available at any time.



The team is made up of young

commited, and highly motivated employees who have made it their
job to simplify the entire translation process, not only for clients but
also for translators.


Guide - Brochure and Catalogue Translations


It is a must that every kind of technical and medical product, machine, equipment, component etc. has to include a Turkish user guide. That’s why; the translation of the user guides becomes more of an issue. We lead the translation to a translator who is specialist in the related translation area by issuing a precise background information study and preparing terminology, if necessary. Following the translation process, we absolutely apply a QA (quality assurance) check. While doing this, we compare both of the source and target text with great care, recognize the inconsistencies and resolve them. The translations of brochures, besides they have similar points with user guides, are ones that are shorter and may include advertise texts. One of the most important ways of introducing yourself to your customers abroad is getting your products or services ideally introduce to your distributors, merchants and end customers. So, by staying loyal to your language in your company culture, we guarantee translation services of brochures and catalogues which are of good quality, relevant and suitable to the target group.




Analyze and Quote

The file from the customer is analyzed and a quote is submitted to the other side. After getting a confirmation from the customer, the second phase is performed.



The text is transferred to the translator and the translation process starts.


Quality Assurance (Proofreading)

Following the translation process, an editor who is a native speaker checks the texts and resolve the language errors if any.


Confirmation & Delivery

Project Responsible gives the final confirmation to the text and the project is delivered to the customer on time.

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