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Orange Trans

professional and reliable translation 

Orange-Trans Translation Services 
is based in  Turkey and is with its professional
and reliable translation service for customers available at any time.


Orange Trans

The team is made up of young

Committed, and highly motivated employees who have made it their
job to simplify the entire translation process, not only for clients but
also for translators.




Proofreading is a process of checking terminological acceptability and resolving errors of an already translated text by applying the up-to-date spelling and grammar rules of the related national authority (for ex. Turkish Language Authority). The text is also checked in terms of punctuation and syllabication. The translation offices that apply a check by a proofreader after the translation has been completed (especially in the fields that demand care and consistency or in the fields that the machine translation is not sufficient), are to be favored more with the use of growing CAT tools.

We are, as Orange-Trans, include the proofreading process into the translation and guarantee an error-free translation for you.


Editing covers all of the checking and correcting procedures applied while proofreading. However, the source and the target text are compared here. Editors compare both the source and target text sentence-by-sentence and determines the inconsistencies, incoherencies and deficiencies in the translation. Within this process, the text is checked in terms of formulation (contextual cohesion), logical structure (intertextual cohesion) and contextual consistency (of the spirit of text).




Analyze and Quote

The file from the customer is analyzed and a quote is submitted to the other side. After getting a confirmation from the customer, the second phase is performed.



The text is transferred to the translator and the translation process starts.


Quality Assurance (Proofreading)

Following the translation process, an editor who is a native speaker checks the texts and resolve the language errors if any.


Confirmation & Delivery

Project Responsible gives the final confirmation to the text and the project is delivered to the customer on time.

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