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Orange Trans

professional and reliable translation 

Orange-Trans Translation Services 
is based in  Turkey and is with its professional
and reliable translation service for customers available at any time.


Orange Trans

The team is made up of young

Committed, and highly motivated employees who have made it their
job to simplify the entire translation process, not only for clients but
also for translators.




All interpretation services are provided both in Turkey and abroad. We would be happy to meet your all needs regarding interpreting whether at in-house training, be it fair or tender services in Turkey or abroad.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting a course, speech, dialog, press conference, live broadcasts etc. to a target language at the same time with the speaker.
Interpreters work in a cabin using simultaneous interpreting systems or directly next to the speaker using whispering method.
This type of interpretation needs intense concentration and it is mentally tiring. So, two interpreters work in the cabin generally.

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, interpreter interprets the speech into target language by listening the speaker, at the same time taking brief notes if necessary.
The interpreter sits for example at a meeting table with the speaker and interprets after the speech is finished without using any technical equipment.

Negotiation Interpreting

In this kind of translation method, certain parts of negotiation or meeting are interpreted.
It is generally carried out just after the negotiation or meeting and without taking notes.
It must be considered that, the stated time here may double due to the interpreting process.
This kind of interpretation is suitable for all negotiations and meetings like court hearings and corporate sessions.

Court Interpreting

Court interpreting is a translation type that provides communication solution while hearing a witness, defendant and appellees at courts.
The communication problem that foreign citizens or foreigners who visit a country face up at various government agencies has effected springing out this translation type.
This service is applicable at courts in Turkey and with this way the decision process is provided much faster and without any problem.
Court and notary interpreters are ones who are not only language specialists, but also who have a mastery in legislations, agreements and terminology about judicial system, bar and administrative system.

Escort Interpreting

In escort interpreting, the content of informal, daily point at issues are expressed freely in the related language.
Escort interpreter can work via simultaneous (via whispering) or consecutive interpreting method.
Beside business fairs or tours, this interpreting type is suitable for visits and investigative studies.




Analyze and Quote

The file from the customer is analyzed and a quote is submitted to the other side. After getting a confirmation from the customer, the second phase is performed.



The text is transferred to the translator and the translation process starts.


Quality Assurance (Proofreading)

Following the translation process, an editor who is a native speaker checks the texts and resolve the language errors if any.


Confirmation & Delivery

Project Responsible gives the final confirmation to the text and the project is delivered to the customer on time.

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